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The very encouraging news in Indonesia is the domestic economic growth always reaches a high level, not less than 5% every year is always achieved in the last 5 years. This economic growth of course has an positive impact on the progress of business in Indonesia.

With a population of Indonesia of 250 million, Indonesia has a large number of productive workers, as well as a huge market for domestic and international products. Therefore, running a business in Indonesia becomes very attractive for both domestic and international investors.

In responding to the needs of the investors doing business in Indonesia, the Satu Buana is established. Satu Buana deliberately provides tax, accounting, assurance services, and advisory that is needed by business people in Indonesia. Accounting standards, tax regulations and other business rules in Indonesia continue to improve as they follow the development of business practices at the global level. Therefore, assistance to business people in those areas is indispensable. Satu Buana which consists of professional practitioners in accounting, tax and business always follow these developments and is now ready to help you, business people, both individuals and corporate.